Re: Building on OS X

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 00:40:36 +0100

  Hi Patrick,

  Nice findings, thanks for the report and the patches.

> The first changes /bin/sh to /bin/bash so that "echo -n" works as intended
> (with /bin/sh, the "-n" is not interpreted as an argument).

  Do you mean it's interpreted literally instead of as an option ?
  I'd rather not depend on bash for the build. If OS X's /bin/sh has an echo
builtin that does not understand -n, I should provide another workaround.
  POSIX recommends using printf instead of echo for portability purposes.
I acknowledge that echo -n is nonconformant and am willing to change it, but
for printf ? Really ?
  I'm open to alternative suggestions, because this is yet another case of
standard misdesign that should be actively fought.

> It also changes "exec ./compile tryclockrt.c" to "./compile tryclockrt.c; :".
> Without that change, the build fails:

  Good catch, it's a bug indeed - but the correct fix is to put the ./compile
line within the test, alongside the ./load line: if the compilation or the
link fails, then CLOCK_REALTIME isn't supported.

> The second patch changes some gcc and ld args for Mac OS X:

  Things only break when flag-allstatic is absent, i.e. you're trying to
build shared libraries. Supporting shared libraries on MacOS X is too
much work, at least in the short term; if it builds with flag-allstatic,
it's good enough for me atm.
  However, I'm interested in supporting llvm/clang; if upstream clang
needs those changes and has good reasons for not accepting the gcc-style
options, there's a case for this patch.

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