Feature request: s6-supervise handle SIGINT just like SIGTERM

From: Patrick Mahoney <pat_at_polycrystal.org>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 15:44:04 -0500


Hi Laurent,

Thanks for s6, I think it's great.

I'm running s6 in a
terminal to control some software under development.
My workflow is, run
s6-svscan, watch logs directed to stdout in my
terminal window, ctrl-c
to bring everything down.

I may be misdiagnosing, but I think what
happens is ctrl-c results in
SIGINT being sent to all processes in the
group, which in this case
includes the s6-supervise processes. They exit
(SIGINT is not handled),
and leave the service process running (now a
child of pid 1).

It would be convenient for my development workflow if
handled SIGINT in the same way as SIGTERM. I've attached a
patch that does just that, but I don't know if there are
unintended side
effects. Thoughts?


Patrick Mahoney 

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