[announce] 2014 spring release

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 21:01:08 +0100

  It is time for the great Spring cleaning !
  All existing skarnet.org packages have a new release.

  * The versioning system has changed. Now I'm using 4-number versioning,
and the pattern is expected to remain stable. The reason for the change is
explained at http://skarnet.org/software/versioning.html

  * Major (or at least, what I now call major) numbers have been bumped up:
no compatibility with previous versions are guaranteed. Users are
advised to upgrade everything. Most command-line interfaces don't change;
a few skalibs APIs, though, have undergone significant changes.

  * Yes, upgrade everything. Some application packages do not change at all,
but recompiling them with the latest skalibs will still bring improvements.


  * Lots of under-the-cover changes and subtle API tweaks.
  * Removal of nonstandard "echo -n" constructs in the build system.
"echo -n foo" is now replaced with "echo foo | tr -d '\n'". (tr is a
much more reasonable dependency than printf.)
  * Better avltree API.
  * Correct supplementary group management.
  * ppoll() support - not for the useless ad-hoc signal handling, but
for the enhanced time precision over poll(). (Why poll() has 1 ms
precision when even select() has 1 us precision is beyond me. This
actually makes poll() an inferior alternative in some low-latency



  * The obsolete for, forbacktick and loopwhile commands have been removed.
  * The obsolete -E option for backtick, forx and forbacktickx has been removed.



  * s6-log now prints a warning when the initial taia_now() fails.
  * s6-setuidgid now correctly sets the supplementary group list.
  * s6-envuidgid now uses the GIDLIST variable to hold the list of
supplementary groups.



  * s6-cut segfault bugfix. (Thanks Vallo.)



  * New application: s6-ps ! The old, rusty procps doesn't work perfectly with musl
and new /proc formats; s6-ps does. And of course, it consumes a lot less resources.



  * No visible change. skadnsd is a bit more streamlined.



  * New -G option to s6-ipcserver, s6-tcpserver4, s6-tcpserver6 and s6-tcpserver
to accommodate a supplementary group list. The -U option has also been updated
to work with the current version of s6-envuidgid.
  * New applications: s6-sudo, s6-sudoc and s6-sudod. On systems supporting
client authentication over Unix domain sockets, those programs can be used to
set up privilege escalation without suid executables.


  Bug-reports welcome.

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