Re: s6-portable-utils build problem

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 18:47:39 +0100

> in s6-portable-utils software, why copying '' when, I think, It should be 'command/s6-memoryhog'.

  Actually, it should be /usr/libexec/s6-memoryhog .
  You must have changed conf-compile/conf-install-libexec to / ; this is wrong, is for dynamically linked libraries, not executables (even if
.so files are indeed executables, they are generally not supposed to be
used as such).

  Unexported commands are a pain without slashpackage. FHS has no way
to specify that a command should be available to commands belonging to
the same package, but not externally. Historically, /usr/libexec was
used for those commands, but that's just a poor way of doing what
slashpackage is doing (guaranteed access paths to executables). Some
packages use the /usr/lib/$package hierarchy to store their data,
including unexported commands, and this is another poor way of doing
the same thing.
  The place where binaries are stored and the way they are accessed is
ultimately the admin's responsibility. Slashpackage helps. For people
who don't want to use it, conf-compile/conf-install-* are the files to

  Anyway, s6-memoryhog is undocumented and dangerous, I only wrote it
for testing purposes, and that's why it's unexported in the first place.
Maybe I should remove it entirely.

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