[announce] 2015-01-14 release

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 03:08:05 +0100


  Here's a bugfix release, with some functionality improvements.


  - Serious bugfixes in unixmessage. The bugs should not impact
deployed skarnet.org software, but ugh.
  - tai conversion functions overhaul. It's now more logical and
  - Iterators over data structures are now properly transactional.



  - Fix for the parallel build issue (make -j2 should now work and
actually build stuff in parallel).



  - Fix for the parallel build issue.
  - New program: s6-applyuidgid. This is a more generic version of
s6-setuidgid. It is called by some programs in the new s6-networking.
  - Better readiness notification support: s6-svwait -U now behaves as
expected if run when a daemon is up but not ready. The support is
implemented via a supervise/ready file managed by s6-supervise and



  - Fix for the parallel build issue.



  - Fix for the parallel build issue.
  - s6-ipcclient bugfix.
  - Superservers are now more modular: the binding of the socket and the
serving of clients are now uncoupled. Binding is done via a program and
serving is done via another one, with a possible loss of privileges
  The real reason for this is persistence of service across a change of
serving binaries.
  The marketable reason for this is "socket activation". Go go hype!
s6-networking now supports socket activation! It's so awesome! Yes!


  s6-portable-utils and s6-linux-utils are immune to the parallel build
issue and haven't changed, so no release for them.

  Bug-reports always welcome.

  Now that I'm using git, I find the process of releasing tarballs
time-consuming and inconvenient. (Yes, you told me so. SCMs are
useful and practical. You were right. I should have done this sooner.)
  I'll still make numbered releases for important updates, of course,
but if you're following the latest developments, please simply pull from
the git head. I will keep it in a working state, as much as possible.

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