Packaging skaware for Guix

From: 韋嘉誠 <Claes>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2015 07:12:27 +0200


I'm working on packaging at least skalibs, execline and s6 for Guix*,
which is a derivative of the functional package manager Nix, but which
uses Guile Scheme for package definitions rather than the
special-purpose Nix packaging language. I'm glad to see Nix also
received its skaware packages not long ago!

For me execline fails to build from source because -lskarnet is listed
as a dependency instead of in EXTRA_LIBS. Is this on purpose?

I patched tools/ (recognize ${LIB,*} and -l.* as libraries,
in addition to ${.*_LIB}) and added a phase to generate a new
package/deps.mak before doing the compilation, and then it worked.

I'm surprised nobody else seems to be having this problem. In
particular, the Nix definition is just a plain build from source and
apparently Just Works. What am I missing?


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