Re: Preliminary version of s6-rc available

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 22:36:13 -0300


I have the following issues with the current s6-rc git head (last
commit 8bdcc09f699a919b500885f00db15cd0764cebe1):

* s6-rc-compile doesn't copy the 'nosetsid' file in the service
definition directory of a longrun to the compiled database directory.

* s6-rc-compile produces an error if it is given the -u option with
more than one user ID. More precisely, if it was called with '-u
uid1,uid2,uid3,...', the error is 's6-rc-compile: fatal: unable to
symlink <uid1> to <compiled DB
dir>/servicedirs/s6rc-fdholder/data/rules/uid/<uid2>: File exists'.

* s6-rc-compile produces an error if it is given the -g option without
the -u option, and produces rules directories that look wrong to me
otherwise (or I didn't understand them). More precisely, if it was
called with '-g gid1,gid2,gid3,...' and no -u option, the error is
's6-rc-compile: fatal: unable to mkdir <compiled DB
dir>/servicedirs/s6rc-fdholder/data/rules/uid/0/env: No such file or
directory'. And if it was called with '-u user -g gid1,gid2,gid3,...',

  + Both s6rc-fdholder and s6rc-oneshot-runner have gid1, gid2, gid3,
... directories, but showing up in data/rules/uid, and

  + s6rc-fdholder has symlinks gid1, gid2, gid3, ... under
data/rules/gid, pointing to data/rules/uid/<user>, but
s6rc-oneshot-runner has an empty data/rules/gid.

* 's6-rc-db pipeline' displays the expected result, but outputs a
's6-rc-db: fatal: unable to write to stdout: Success' message at the

* Starting s6rc-fdholder produces an 's6-ipcclient: fatal: unable to
exec s6-rc-fdholder-filler: No such file or directory' error. I guess
because it exists in the libexecdir, which isn't normally in
s6-svscan's PATH, so the run script should probably use the full path?

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