Re: Booting, s6-rc services and controlling terminal

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2016 19:42:50 +0200

> Consider a machine with an s6-linux-init-maker-style setup, that also
> uses s6-rc in the stage2 and stage2_finish scripts. Longruns managed
> by s6-rc without a 'producer-for' file in their definition directory
> have their stdout and stderr redirected to the catch-all logger, and
> so do oneshots via the s6rc-oneshot-runner service. So if one wants to
> have a service output to the console instead (e.g. an early one in the
> boot process), its definition would have to do explicit redirections
> to /dev/console. But should the service also be turned into a session
> leader and set a controlling terminal, or only in special cases?

  s6-supervise already runs its run script as a session leader, unless
there's a ./nosetsid file in the service directory. (Not doing so would
mean running all the services in the same session as the supervision
tree, which can have bad consequences if there's a controlling terminal
attached to the session.)

  Few services need a controlling terminal, and the ones that do, like
for instance getty, usually allocate one themselves. Standard daemons
that "run in the background" absolutely do not want one. A controlling
terminal is the exception rather than the rule - so it's not the
supervisor's job to provide one.

  If you want a service to output to the console, or to a terminal,
then an explicit redirection is indeed the right way to do it, and
you most likely have no use for a controlling terminal.

> I thought that this was needed only in special cases, like in
> processes that end up spawning a shell, but I see other init systems
> sometimes do it automatically. For example, with nosh, a service
> configured to output to a terminal AND defined using a systemd unit
> file, when converted to a bundle directory (nosh's version of a
> service definition directory) with the converter tool, has a 'run'
> script that calls open-controlling-tty (nosh's chainloading utility to
> open a device as a controlling terminal). And sysvinit's code has
> setsid() and TIOCSCTTY ioctl() calls for child processes, depending on
> the 'runlevel' and 'action' fields of the corresponding line in
> /etc/inittab.

  The setsid() is normal: init wants the daemons it supervises to run
in their own session, that makes sense. s6-supervise does the same thing.

  I have no idea what the TIOCSCTTY is for, though. *What* device would
you open as a controlling terminal in the general case? When init starts,
/dev/console is explicitly *not* a terminal (which is why you can't have
job control when using a shell as init).
  The only explanation I can see is that the supervision abilities of
sysvinit are only used for gettys, and sysvinit opens /dev/ttyN, N
being specified on the getty line in /etc/inittab. But it's a wild
guess, and probably inaccurate.

  I have no idea what systemd does and I don't think it would be a good
indicator of what *should* be done anyway. I suspect that the use of
open-controlling-tty is there to mimic systemd's behaviour exactly;
maybe Jonathan can shed more light on this. I'm not sure he's on the
skaware ML though; this conversation would have a place on the
supervision ML (I'll repost tomorrow night when I'm at home with my
usual tools and more time).

> What those two cases have in common is that the mechanism involved
> also unconditionally redirects stdin to a terminal device; in the nosh
> case, I'm not sure if because of a limitation of the unit
> file-to-bundle directory converter. But I don't know why the
> "controlling terminal maneuver" is done there, so I now wonder if
> s6-rc service definitions would also require it in more cases than I
> thought, instead of simple FD redirections.

  I honestly believe the controlling terminal thing is a historical
artefact that should not be there, because it is useless or even detrimental
for most daemons, and supervised programs that do need a controlling
terminal perform the maneuvers themselves. But it would be interesting
indeed to hear confirmation, and in particular to have Jonathan's opinion
about this.

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