Re: Booting, s6-rc services and controlling terminal

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 23:26:55 +0200

On 30/04/2016 16:06, Guillermo wrote:
> I think I made a mistake in that description. The s6rc-oneshot-runner
> service is an s6-ipcserverd process that spawns s6-sudod processes.
> And the program executed by s6-sudod gets its stdout and stderr from
> the corresponding s6-sudoc process by default. Therefore, the output
> of s6-rc oneshots wouldn't go to s6-svscan's stdout / stderr, but to
> those of whoever made the 's6-rc change' call. When the machine is
> booting or shutting down, that would be the stage2 or stage2_finish
> script, respectively, which, depending on the setup, may or may not
> have their output redirected to the catch-all logger.

  That is correct.

> So for oneshots, explicit redirections in their service definition
> might not be needed after all...

  If you want your services to print stuff to /dev/console no matter
how they're launched, you will need the redirection. If you don't
explicitly redirect to /dev/console, you depend on s6-linux-init not
redirecting the stage 2 output to the catch-all logger.

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