Booting openbox with S6

From: Eric Vidal <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 14:24:39 +0400


First, thank Laurent for all your execellent works and to permit me to write these following lines :).

I works usualy under Runit but i want to pass under S6. So, this is the first approach of the S6 system, certainly a lot of things can be improved espacially the execline script syntax for services.
Well, i use eudev for hotplug (for the moment).
The system boot the / with ro options then, after some oneshot service, / is remounted with rw options.

The s6.conf feature was added to permit at user to change easily some options like keymap, cgroups, dmraid etc. This is the same principal as rc.conf under Runit. Two file (reboot, poweroff) was made allowing a quick shutdown or reboot. Those files simply call /.s6-svscan/SIGINT or SIGUSR1.

The svc-serv directory concerns service started earlier by s6-svscan on init file.
The directory rc-serv-build concerns the offline working about oneshot/longrun services started during the stage 2. You need to compile the database (if you use the github repository) with the name rc-serv with the command : s6-rc-compile /etc/s6/rc-serv /etc/s6/rc-serv-build.
To better clarity, a "code name" was created :
- a name beginning by a majuscule signify that's a bundle e.g : "All"
- a name beginning by the name of a bundle signify that's the service/bundle is declared onto the bundle name e.g. : all-Boot. all-Boot depends of bundle All.
- a name beginning by the name of a bundle AND the name after the underscore begin by a majuscule, signify that's a another bundle which depends of the first bundle name e.g : all-Boot is a dependency of bundle All and it's a bundle itself.
The bundle all-Boot make every things necessary to have a fully operationnal system.
The bundle all-User concerns services started after all-boot and declare on it the service needed by user like dbus, dhcpcd. In fact an user do not need to touch the boot procedure when he want to add some service. Note, this will cause trouble to allow installation of other service with package manager like pacman, the distinction between boot and user utilisation need to be improved.

You can find here the source file :
A ISO was made to test this system quickly :
This ISO have some software like geany, terminator, spacefm and all under openbox. So working on it can be possible to learn/test the S6 system.
This is needed at login :
root login : root
root password : toor
user login : obarun
user password : toor
log on user launch automaticaly the X server; log on root stay on console.

All constructive critizism are welcome. Please if you test it, give a feedback here :

Thank again Laurent
Eric Vidal <>
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