Re: ucspilogd behaviour

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 09:06:56 +0200

On 10/06/2016 07:49, Eric Vidal wrote:
> s6-ipcserver -U -1 -- /dev/log fdmove -c 1 2 ucspilogd IPCREMOTEEUID

  Your supervised program isn't ucspilogd, it's s6-ipcserver.
  s6-ipcserver spawns ucspilogd instances when it's getting a connection on
/dev/log. s6-ipcserver dies when you kill the service; its ucspilogd children
do not get killed.

> When i update a database which do not contents this bundle, these two
> services disappear from the supervision tree. However, some ucspilogd
> IPCREMOTEEUID IPCREMOTEEGID line keep running on background without,
> obviously, a s6-supervise on it. This behaviour is not as it all the
> time. Sometime all the line disappear for the supervision tree,
> sometime some line rest on the "supervision tree"
> This is normal?

  Yes. It just means that something has a syslog() connection open. The
ucspilogd process you're seeing just hasn't noticed yet that its logger is
dead because its client hasn't sent any data since the services were
stopped. It will die next time its client tries sending a log line.

  Sigh. It may lose a log line. I could fix that by making ucspilogd
asynchronous (it's one of the very few synchronous programs I have left,
I thought it was simple enough that synchronous could work, but apparently
I was wrong and synchronous sucks in ALL cases). But honestly, it's syslog,
so I don't really care.

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