Re: execline globbing

From: Profpatsch <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 20:38:29 +0200

Laurent Bercot <> writes:

> Your next door "echo" command will do just that (or s6-echo
> if you risk having dashes and want reliable behaviour in all cases).

That brings me to another question: is there a collection of
more execline utilities somewhere? I suspect the standard
GNU coreutils are not quite to your liking in a lot of cases.

> The shell has the exact same default behaviour. I didn't want to
> gratuitously diverge from the shell. But I agree "elglob -0" is the
> behaviour you want most of the time.

Would you be open to switch the default behavior?
Maybe with a warning message on `-0` that it is the default
and will be removed after a few releases.
I suggest something like `-k` for “keep”.

> It's not a "zero string". It's zero word. Which means the "${f}"
> argument is replaced with nothing at all, not even an empty string.
> So the tests resolve to:
> test -z
> and
> test -n
> which both return true.


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