Re: execlineb -S does not stop the command from running

From: Joshua Haase <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018 13:00:50 -0500

Jesse Young (2018-07-29 12:19):

|> >$ execlineb -S1 -c 'echo wrong'
|> >execlineb: warning: too few arguments: expecting at least 1 but got 0
|> >wrong
|> >```
|> It's not an error, it's actually a bugfix. As you can see, the message
|> is a "warning", not a "fatal", which means it does not stop the
|> program from running. It has always been intended this way.

Oh, I see the usefulness of this for debbuging until right and then
using strict when the script is ready.

| That switch already exists :). Running execlineb with -W gets the desired result:
| $ execlineb -WS1 -c 'echo wrong'
| execlineb: fatal: too few arguments: expecting at least 1 but got

Thanks! This does what what I want.

| I would think this would be equivalent:
| $ EXECLINE_STRICT=2 execlineb -S1 -c 'echo wrong'
| however, it reverts back to showing a warning.

Are the command line option taking precendence?

The EXECLINE_STRICT option is not set explicitly on the command line
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