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From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2019 01:34:52 +0000

>>Has anyone else gotten such a warning from the listserv?

Can't do much about it, sorry. ezmlm comes from a time when e-mail
was simpler and less broken (or, at least, broken in different ways
from today).

Your server is rejecting some mails for reasons unknown. Likely a
misconfiguration. Or it could be checking an obsolete spam filter
database that has the IP in it for some reason. Or it
could mark mails from the ML as spam or virus-infected. Or whatever
else people invented to make e-mail ever less reliable.

I have no better solution than "check your mail server configuration".
And if you're not the mail administrator, and/or have an idiotic ISP,
you're probably out of luck :/

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