s6-linux-init: rc.shutdown's and rc.shutdown.final's messages

From: Guillermo <gdiazhartusch_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 16:51:03 -0300


Currently, s6-linux-init-shutdownd executes these files with their
standard output and error redirected to the catch-all logger's FIFO.
The daemon itself redirects its own to /dev/console only before
creating the stage 4 script. So, in the absence of errors, only the
"sending all processes the TERM signal..." and "sending all processes
the KILL signal..." messages are seen on the console.

However, in most circumstances I can think of, messages from
rc.shutdown and rc.shutdown.final, or error messages from commands in
the stage 4 script, will never be seen by the user, because the
machine is in the process of shutting down, and /run/uncaught-logs is
on a tmpfs, so it vanishes when the process completes. Therefore, this
is kind of like having stdout and stderr redirected to /dev/null.
Wouldn't it be better if s6-linux-init-shutdownd ran both rc.shutdown
and the entire stage 4 script with stdout and stderr redirected to
/dev/console instead? Except maybe in the case of receiving the 'S'
command on the control FIFO?

Alternatively, one could use the catch-all logger variant that echoes
logged messages to /dev/console (created by s6-linux-init-maker's '-1'
option), or perform redirections directly in rc.shutdown and
rc.shutdown.final. The first alternative, however, affects logging for
all processes. If the latter alternative is the preferred way, then I
think the example rc.* scripts installed in the skeldir
(/etc/s6-linux-init/skel by default) could contain commented stdout
and stderr redirections and an accompanying explanation, to make
readers aware that they might be needed.

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