Subdirectories as service dependencies

From: Uros Perisic <>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 04:01:19 +0800

As a daemon supervision suite, I get that this can seems out of scope for
s6 (as opposed to s6-rc), but hear me out.

The log directory is currently treated as a special case, but what if it
didn't need to be? Any subdirectory with an executable run file could be
considered a service dependency. This would allow for dynamic configuration
(expressing dependencies without having to change any files) just by using
symlinks. Further, tightly coupled services would now have self-documenting
structure (e.g. foo, foo/log, foo/server...) Instead of doing what systemd
does and effectively having dashes (-) mean directories

There is a big gap between s6 and s6-rc in terms of the knowledge needed to
use them, and yet I feel this is an often needed feature that shouldn't
pull in everything else s6-rc provides. And it kills a special case, which
is always nice.


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