Re: execline introspection?

From: Ansgar Wiechers <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 15:10:32 +0200

Hi Dewayne

On 2020-10-16 Dewayne Geraghty wrote:
> On 16/10/2020 12:57 am, Ansgar Wiechers wrote:
>> Does execline have introspection features? I would like to determine the
>> location of an execline script from within that script (like $0 in a
>> shell script).
>> I didn't see anything like that mentioned in the docs, so I assume it
>> doesn't, but maybe I've overlooked something.
> Perhaps this will be helpful
> Script content:
> #!/usr/local/bin/execlineb -S0
> foreground { echo zero is $0 }
> foreground { echo one is $1 }

Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately that doesn't work in my

I have a oneshot that needs to perform, let's say, more complex
operations than I'm willing to implement with execline ATM. So I want to
call a regular shell script from the up/down files.

However, since oneshots ignore the shebang I can neither change the
interpreter, nor pass arguments to execlineb. And the working directory
is that of the oneshot runner, so I also can't invoke the shell script
with a relative path.

It's no biggie, though. I just wanted to confirm that I need to call the
script with absolute path.

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