Re: "emptyenv -c" unsets all environment variables

From: Muhammad Mahendra Subrata <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2021 17:48:56 +0700

My apologies for not checking for updates first, I'll actively check for
updates before posting here next time :D.

Unfortunately, after updating to skalibs- (downloaded from and
recompiling execline (statically linked) the problem persists. I also
tried compiling and installing both of them on clean system (no previous
versions of skalibs and execline installed before) and "emptyenv -c"
still empties the whole environment. Perhaps I'm missing something?

On 22 Jan 2021 16.39, Laurent Bercot wrote:
>> I'm using skalibs- and execline- here in my system. I
>> noticed on my system that "emptyenv -c" unsets all environment
>> variables just like "emptyenv" does. This didn't happen with previous
>> versions of execline and skalibs. Has anyone encountered this too?
>  Already fixed in skalibs- ;)
>  (I generally don't make announcements for bugfixes releases, maybe
> I should.)
>> Also, not related to above, the trap.html documentation page contains
>> some typos: "multisusbstitute" at the second point of the "Notes"
>> section and possibly "will be still be caught" at the "Options" section.
>  Thanks, will fix.
> --
>  Laurent
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