's power supply breakdown on 2007-07-20

On 2007-07-20 (Friday), antah, the server went down. The power supply was dead.

The thing is, antah is a racked 1U physical machine, owned by an individual, not a company. And it is impossible, in France, in 2007, to find racked 1U power units available to individuals. They are only sold to companies. This is absurd.

I finally found a nice little company who accepted to order a power supply for me. That took some more time.

When it arrived, I noticed that the power supply didn't fit. There was a piece of metal in antah's case that was preventing the new power supply from getting in. I had to go buy a hacksaw and physically damage antah's case to get it into place.

All in all, it took me close to a month to get this repaired. I hate hardware.

In 2013, is moving to a virtualized server, so I don't have to deal with hardware anymore.