Re: musl #2 (erratum corrige)

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 19:44:56 +0100

  Hi Roy,

> There is no s6-switch_root equivalent => question: will a
> s6-switch_root be implemented?

  Probably not.
  I've never been a fan of the switch_root mechanism: it does not
feel unix-ish to me at all. I only use pivot_root, which can do
everything switch_root does and makes you work in userland with
real processes, not in a "before init" limbo.

  Also, s6-linux-utils essentially predates my discovery of Busybox.
I'm maintaining the package because it's there and I don't like to
let software rot, but since projects like Busybox and toybox exist,
I'm not planning to implement any more standard utilities in
s6-linux-utils. I think the most interesting feature in the package is
s6-devd, simply because that doesn't exist anywhere else.

  Since you'll probably be going to need utilities in busybox or
toybox anyway, if you need a switch_root I'd advise you use the one
they provide - it doesn't cost much to add it to the build.
  Note that if you're using toybox, it doesn't provide a mount yet,
but then you can use s6-mount ;)

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