Re: execline bug

From: Jorge Almeida <>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 00:04:22 +0100 (WEST)

On Fri, 25 Oct 2013, Laurent Bercot wrote:

> > BTW, on an unrelated matter: are you sure musl supports a proper
> > localtime()?
> AFAIK it does, but ask the musl mailing-list if you have doubts.
> The thing is, musl is scrupulously following POSIX, so it does not
> read timezones from /etc/TZ or /etc/localtime or anything of the kind:
> you need a TZ environment variable. But the tests I did with TZ unset,
> then set to :right/Europe/Paris worked for me.
Could you elaborate on what tests you did? I tried this small program
and it yields the correct time when compiled against glibc, but not
against musl (the musl version knows about DST but not about leap
seconds). Did you use musl-gcc -static?
I had the correct TZ:
$ env|grep TZ


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