Re: [announce] 2014 spring release

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 23:50:05 +0100

> Is -DEXECLINE_OLD_VARNAMES still possible when compiling execline?
> If so, maybe it should be mentioned (I find the old names more
> readable, and besides there are scripts that would need to be changed,
> always a possible source of mayhem when the scripts perform critical
> functions!)

  It is still possible, and since it's just a bit of preprocessor work
and doesn't add to the code, I have no technical reason to remove it.
However, I prefer not to support it explicitly, because that would
create script incompatibilities. So it's still there, and it's
probably going to remain there, but it's a hack, and you should not
rely on it or distribute scripts that use that feature.

> Maybe the new behaviour of s6-setuidgid should be optional, via some
> command line flag? Note also that the first paragraph of "Notes" in
> is now wrong.

  Ah, thanks for the report. Documentation updated.
  I don't think GIDLIST should be optional: a user's identity is not
only its uid and primary group id, it's also a list of groups the user
belongs to; without supplementary groups, Unix rights lose a lot of
power. The original daemontools utilities were lacking that, and I
simply hadn't noticed until I added myself to some group in
/etc/group and what I wanted to do didn't work because the processes
behind s6-setuidgid didn't pick it up.

  You can see it as a bugfix, not as an additional feature.

> The documentation in
> suggests that conf-home should not be touched; but the default makes
> the existence of /package/... mandatory, which is somewhat unexpected
> and shocking when using statically compiled binaries. A few comments
> about this would make it easy to use in less standard setups.

  I'm afraid I don't understand your point. What are you trying to do
that requires manually setting conf-home ? How does that relate to
using slashpackage and to using statically compiled binaries ?

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