Re: [announce] 2014 spring release

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 20:00:45 +0100

On 15/05/2014 08:36, Jorge Almeida wrote:
> We talked about this some time ago. If a binary is statically linked,
> I would expect it to work wherever I put it, since it doesn't matter
> whether any relevant libraries are there. I know now that this is not
> true, because the binary may use some hard-coded paths.
> It happened to me when I copied some binaries to /command in my
> initramfs (which doesn't include /package). The solution was
> echo "" >conf-home

  Yes, I remember we talked about it. And my answer was that
flag-slashpackage will assume hard-coded paths work, because that's
an important point of slashpackage (if not the whole point). If
you need relocatable binaries, you should compile *without*
flag-slashpackage, and that will work: exec will use PATH
resolution for intra-package dependencies as well as cross-package
  Just remove flag-slashpackage. You don't need to mess with conf-home.

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