Re: slashpackage again

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2014 04:23:13 +0100

> Without a conf-home file, s6-svscan requires s6-supervise in
> /package/admin/s6-
> defined in s6-config.h as S6_BINPREFIX
> Why isn't it enough to find the binary in /package/admin/s6/command/ ?
> (This was what I asked hours ago)

  Because it's an intra-package dependency, not a cross-package dependency.
You want commands to call their dependencies from the same version of the
package, not from the version that happens to be the "current" one,
because the API could have changed in-between. Remember your issue with
execlineb and foreground being incompatible ? That's exactly the kind of
problem versioned paths are preventing.

> Maybe setting conf-home to /package/admin/s6 would make it?

  That, again, would solve your immediate problem in a hackish way that is
not guaranteed to work.
  The right way would be to have /package/admin/s6 being a symlink to
/ppackage/admin/s6-, which would be the directory containing your
"command" symlink.

> I suppose I don't understand slashpackage...

  You are just trying to use it in an environment where it's not suited, so
of course it's making your life harder.
Slashpackage is about:
  - easy package management (having all your package data under a single
directory, easy versioning, etc.)
  - Fixed full pathname guarantees, both versioned and non-versioned.

  For an initramfs, you need neither of those, and the framework, as light
as it is, is still too heavy for your needs. The price to pay is the forest
of symlinks.

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