Re: S6 / slashpackage gotcha

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 20:07:34 +0100

On 23/12/2014 19:38, Colin Booth wrote:
> My confusion was two-fold. First, I'd have expected --enable-slashpackage
> to jam /command into the built-in path.

  Well, slashpackage is not slashcommand. I like slashpackage because it
offers guarantees - albeit small ones - as soon as one package follows the
convention; /command, on the other hand, only offers guarantees if everyone
in the world follows it and registers every command name, etc. We may be
5 people in the world to use /command. I haven't registered my new command
names for years. I'm not even sure DJB himself still bothers with it.

  So let's not be delusional: /command offers nothing over /bin. At this
point, I'm just using it as a convenient directory to link all my
slashpackage-installed binaries without cluttering /bin, but convenient
is all it is. There's no real benefit of /command over FHS directories,
unlike /package. There may be people who want /package but not /command;
that's why I didn't auto-add /command to the default-path.

> Secondly, I thought it odd that you
> set the default path in the backing library and not the interface programs.

  Because the default path is hardcoded at compile-time in the pathexec_run
routine, used by the interface programs. It's a library option because it
affects everything.

  The thing is, the default path should basically never be used. Everyone
has a PATH in their environment; PATH is definitely the place to put
/command in. When there is no PATH, I'd rather use absolute pathnames
until I have a PATH again than rely on a default that isn't /usr/bin:/bin.
If you want a different behaviour, well, use the option :)

> If it helps, I run s6 in daemontools mode (as opposed to as an init
> replacement) and the script that starts s6 from my inittab flushes s6's
> environment so I'm guaranteed to end up with the compiled-in path. Like I
> said, nothing that couldn't be worked around but there's a good chance that
> it'll surprise someone else running s6 on Debian.

  Thanks for the heads-up. Maybe I should document the effects of
--enable-slashpackage more explicitly, including mentioning what it does
not change.

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