Re: [skalibs-2.0][PATCH] posting new clean patch (from supervision lits)

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 00:31:19 +0100

  Hi Toki,

  * Please don't send binaries to the list. If a file is too big for you
to send it, then put it on your favorite pastebin-like service and send
the URL instead.

  *Contrary to what you are saying, there is no problem with libdir -
I just tried again, to make sure. When you specify --libdir as an option,
the value you specify overrides the default. When you do not,
$prefix/usr/lib/<package name> is used instead, for whatever value of
$prefix you give. And this is true for every --*dir option. There is
no hardcoded path in the configure scripts, everything is configurable.

  * The script is there for a reason, as well as the distinction
between dynlibdir and libdir. Please stop suggesting changes before you
understand why the design is as it is. If you have trouble understanding
some design choices, ask specific questions and I will answer them; then
we can discuss. But so far you have not shown me any need to change

  * To make it abundantly clear: the autoconf-generated installation
directories, as well as the pkgconfig format, *are not* well-designed.
Static libraries, which are build-time dependencies, and should be
packaged in a 'development' package with the header files, have no
business being installed in the same directory as shared libraries,
which are run-time dependencies. This confusion is one of the banes
of GNU, and one of the reasons why autotools and pkgconfig suck. I am
not going to pay tribute to it, and it irritates me when people
suggest I do so, because it means they do not understand the point of
the project.

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