Re: Fwd: [skalibs-2.0][PATCH] posting new clean patch (from supervision lits)

From: Paul Jarc <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 01:21:15 -0500

(Sorry if this appears multiple times--I think my first message was
blocked due to a non-subscribed envelope sender.)

Laurent Bercot <> wrote:
> If anyone on the list is having similar difficulties and is willing
> to provide a decent bug-report or feature wish, please do so.

I think a small change that would make toki a bit happier would be
this: don't insert "/usr" into the default installation paths when the
prefix is something other than "/". Granted this is a bit of added
complexity, but if someone does specify a different prefix, in most
cases that won't really want a /usr subdirectory, and the default
should match the most common case. The root-versus-other-filesystem
argument would also no longer apply. (I don't really care about this
myself, though.)

The documentation for --enable-slashpackage could describe the values
it sets for dynlibdir, libdir, includedir, and sysdepdir, and should
call out the fact that datadir still defaults to /etc. (E.g., if you're
installing as a non-root user in your home directory with
--enable-slashpackage=$HOME, you'll also need to set --datadir.) More
generally, it might be helpful to say what to expect if you set both
--prefix=/foo and --enable-slashpackage=/bar.

Since you're departing from slashpackage by default, how would you
recommend that dependent packages find the skalibs files? Before, I
had a single configuration parameter in my packages for the skalibs
prefix, which defaulted to /package/prog/skalibs, and then I would
find /include and /library within it.

What do you think about replacing --enable-right-tz with a runtime
check? This would eliminate an opportunity for the admin to make a
mistake, and would allow the same compiled copy of the library to be
used in both right/ and POSIX time zones. The first time you need to
know whether it's a right/ zone, cache the result of:
  time_t t=78796800;
  return (localtime(&t)->tm_sec==60);
Using that check at configure time might also be useful to autodetect

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