Re: Fwd: [skalibs-2.0][PATCH] posting new clean patch (from supervision lits)

From: Paul Jarc <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 14:07:04 -0500

Laurent Bercot <> wrote:
> I still provide specific support for slashpackage because knowing that
> it will be installed according to that convention allows software to
> make stronger assumptions and be more robust; but that's pretty much
> the only reason.

Yes... but that benefit comes from /package being at least the
default, if not the only supported, installation location. If
/package is not the default, then as an author of dependent packages,
I'm back in the "it could be anywhere, and I can't even rely on a
consistent internal structure within one prefix" boat. Bundling the
parts of skalibs I need into my packages might be easier.

> it makes sense to detect the timezone type at run time indeed - so I
> will probably go with your suggestion.


> Compile-time feature autodetection is dangerous. It assumes that the
> build machine is the same as the host machine, which may not be true;

Right, I certainly wouldn't suggest *removing* --enable-tai-clock in
favor of autodetection. I only meant that autodetection could be used
when the option is not explicitly given.

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