Re: tai confusion

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 02:30:26 +0100

  I made a complete pass on the tai* conversion subsystem.
It should now be, unfortunately, less efficient, because
there are a lot of nested function calls for very little
real code - but it is a lot cleaner and more logical.
I figured that since most machines have a leap second
table lookup in the fast path anyway, one or two more function
calls wouldn't hurt that much.

  You can now:
  * convert between time_t and tai_t without checking or
changing the format:
    - for absolute times: time_from_tai, tai_from_time
    - for relative times: time_from_tai_relative, tai_relative_from_tai
  * convert between struct timeval and tain_t:
    - for absolute times: timeval_from_tain, tain_from_timeval
    - for relative times: timeval_from_tain_relative, tain_relative_from_timeval
  * same thing with struct timespec

  And the new things:
  * convert between a real system clock time_t stamp and a
real TAI64 tai_tstamp: time_sysclock_from_tai, tai_from_time_sysclock
  * convert between a real system clock struct timeval stamp and a
real TAI64N tain_t stamp: timeval_sysclock_from_tain, tain_from_timeval_sysclock
  * same thing with struct timespec

  * There are function names looking a lot like those ones, but
without the _from_. They are unrelated, although doing similar things;
the name proximity is unfortunate and confusing. Always check for the
_from_ if you need a conversion function.

  * Conversions between tai_t and struct time(val|spec) removed, they
didn't fit the nice new logical model.

  * Documentation updated.

  Available in the latest skalibs git snapshot. Please tell me if it
works for you.

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