s6-svc -U, s6-svlisten1

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 14:46:01 +0100

  The current s6 git snapshot has some additions:

  - all the Unix domain socket and access control stuff from s6-networking
has been moved to s6 (and the current s6-networking git snapshot reflects
this. Oh, and if you're looking for seekablepipe, it's in the current
s6-portable-utils snapshot - that's where it should have been from the

  - two new commands, s6-svlisten and s6-svlisten1. They do for
services what s6-ftrig-listen and s6-ftrig-listen1 do for general fifodirs.

  - Based on s6-svlisten1, there are two new options, -D and -U, to s6-svc.
Giving them makes s6-svc synchronous: it will send the other commands given
to it, then wait until the service is down, or up and ready, before it
exits. I think that's an important functionality.

  s6 users, please try it out and tell me if it works for you.

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