[announce] Bugfix and feature release: skalibs, execline, s6, s6-networking

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 03:55:33 +0100

  Here's a nice release with a few bugfixes, and some new features.

  * skalibs-

  A couple minor bugfixes. New functions sig_name() and sig_number()
for signal name/number conversion. New structure unixconnection_t
for easier unixmessage sender/receiver management.


  * execline-

  New command: fdswap.
  New -D option to backtick.


  * s6-

  That's the big one!

  - Minor bugfixes. One of them was only minor by dumb luck.
  - API compatibility break: ./finish scripts now get 256 as their first argument
(instead of 255) when the ./run script was killed by a signal.
  - Also, s6-svstat now reports readiness, the output format has changed.
  - Also, s6_svc_main() has disappeared.
  - New commands: s6-svlisten and s6-svlisten1. They do for services what
s6-ftrig-listen and s6-ftrig-listen1 do for regular fifodirs.
  - The access control utilities and Unix domain socket utilities have moved
from s6-networking to s6.
  - A whole new set of programs has been added: a fd-holding daemon and its
clients. This allows me to say that...

             *s6 now officially supports socket activation*

  Shiny shiny!
(The real value of fd-holding is for high availability services that cannot
afford socket downtime when they restart.)


  * s6-networking-

  s6-networking has lost the functionality that s6 has gained:
access control library, Unix domain socket management. It is now
a lot lighter.


  Bug-reports welcome as always.

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