Re: ifthenelse bugged?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 21:13:30 +0100

On 31/01/2015 19:35, Olivier Brunel wrote:
> So I may be doing/understanding something wrong, but it seems to me that
> ifthenelse isn't exactly working as expected:

  Bug indeed. Sorry about that.
  It happened when I replaced as many fork()s as possible with el_spawn*()
to use posix_spawn() when available, to make more commands work on noMMU
systems... I failed to delete the fork() line there.

  Fixed in current git, new release probably next week.

  This story illustrates the value of automated tests. I've always believed
I could escape the hassle of writing test suites for my software, by
making each part simple enough, and being careful enough. I still believe
it - but here I wasn't careful enough. And a simple test would have caught
that stupid bug.

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