s6-devd, stdin & stdout

From: Olivier Brunel <jjk_at_jjacky.com>
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 18:37:40 +0100


I have a question regarding s6-devd: why does it set its stdin & stdout
to /dev/null on start?

This seems non-obvious to me, and isn't documented. I'm specifically
wondering about stdout, since it means all the children/helpers launched
will also have their stdout be /dev/null, so anything they printed
actually gets lost, whereas I was expecting to find it logged, since I
set s6-devd to have its std{out,err} sent to its s6-log.

Unless there's a reason I'm missing, maybe those forced redirections
should be removed?

Also, completely unrelated, but I noticed a "bug" in the doc for
s6-setuidgid: As it turns out, this only calls s6-envuidgid &
s6-applyuidgid, but - according to the doc - there's a difference in
behavior. Specifically, the doc for s6-setuidgid says:
If account contains a colon, it is interpreted as uid:gid, else it is
interpreted as a username and looked up by name in the account database.
This doesn't seem to be true (anymore?).

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