Re: Packaging skaware for Guix

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 18:49:52 +0200

> Interesting, never heard of this make feature before. Does that only
> work with static libs? Because the .so is in the search path.

  It's supposed to work with both static and shared libs.
  The defaults for package installations specify *different*
directories for static libraries and shared libraries. It is a misdesign
of autotools, or other build systems, to ensure that those installation
directories are the same: static and shared libraries are very different
objects and should not be handled the same way or stored at the same
place. (Shared libraries are a run-time object; static libraries are a
compile-time object, only used for development.)

> Or is it the case that ld/gcc understand LIBRARY_PATH but make doesn't?

  Yes. CPATH and LIBRARY_PATH are gcc-specific constructs. The equivalent
of LIBRARY_PATH for make is named "vpath", and needs to be declared in the
Makefile. The configure script builds such a vpath with the contents of the
given --with-lib options.

> "--enable-fast-install"

  The configure scripts are not generated by autotools. This flag won't do
anything. Please see ./configure --help to see what flags are supported.

> skalibs lib and includes are found using CPATH and LIBRARY_PATH.

  Yeah, that will work with gcc but make will not find libraries.
As you could see for yourself, it works with --with-lib. :)

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