[announce] Bugfix release (building with dynamic libraries)

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 11:48:16 +0200

  A release to fix a few building bugs that could impact some systems.
  - rebuilding and reinstalling shared libraries in the same place
without using a DESTDIR should now work
  - linking against shared objects on non-musl systems without a vDSO
should now work all the time.

  It was hard to identify the problematic systems for the latter,
because it was a combination of kernel, libc and linker that made
builds fail, and my test systems didn't have one of the triggering

  Most people use a reasonably modern Linux on i386/x86_64, which
provides a functional vDSO, so the bug didn't trigger for them

  You really, really don't want to --disable-allstatic on a system
that has neither musl, nor a vDSO, nor a friendly linker. Trust me,
you don't. It will work, but that's the best that can be said for it.
When in doubt, use --enable-allstatic; it is your FRIEND.
(Try running "ldd s6-supervise" after compiling with
--disable-allstatic on Solaris 10. It would be hilarious if it
wasn't so sad.)

  List of releases:

  No functional changes, you only should upgrade if you have
been bitten by the bug, or had workarounds or patches to make
things work.

  And shame on you if you did have workarounds or patches and did
not report the bug here. You know who you are. I don't care if
the workaround is trivial, I want to make software that *works*
and that you don't need to patch.

  Please. Send. Those. Goddamn. Bug. Reports.

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