Re: Build Break in s6-rc

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 18:05:42 +0200

On 13/08/2015 17:30, Colin Booth wrote:
> Your commit 979046fdee76d70792750f5a1a9afd2bba5f127f introduced a
> build failure in
> src/s6-rc/s6-rc-compile.c.

  No, it didn't.
  If you're going to pull from git head, then you should pull from
the git head of *every* project, including dependencies. Which you
didn't for execline. :)

> It'll probably get fixed today, but since the git repo is advertised
> as a reasonable alternative to downloading tarballs you might want to
> start doing work on side branches and merging into master only when
> you have stable code.

  I do that for projects that have been officially released! s6-rc
hasn't, it is very much a work in progress - and if you're going to
peek into it, have fun (that's why it's there), but if it breaks,
you get to keep both pieces.

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