Re: Build Break in s6-rc

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 18:37:04 +0200

On 13/08/2015 18:21, Colin Booth wrote:
> nice to get rid of that pile of explicit bundle definitions that I
> currently have for service-logger pairs.

  Eh... keep a backup of your current source, if you're using it in
a half-serious environment. The current version uses automatically
generated services, and the scripts haven't been tested yet, it's
the first draft.

  I went back and changed the way s6-rc-compile handled producer/logger
pairs, because logged services were too much of a pain to correctly
manage in s6-rc-update: it became insanely complex to compute when
a service directory can be kept and when the service has to be
stopped and restarted. Doing away with logged services makes the
update procedure more straightforward.

  Then I realized that the system could be generalized to arbitrary
length pipelines, which basically gave for free the supervised
pipeline architecture that Olivier was talking about in a previous
thread. And that's a real killer feature.

  But since a pipeline now includes autogenerated services, there
needs to be a bundle containing everything, for easy takedown. So,
autogenerated bundle, too. It's beautiful and scary at the same
time - I feel like complexity can get out of control fast.

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