Re: Preliminary version of s6-rc available

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:15:24 -0300

2015-08-25 14:01 GMT-03:00 Guillermo:
> But the thing is, no matter what I do, strace shows the '-T 3' never
> changes. Even when I explicitly put a 'timeout-up' file in the service
> definition directory, either containing '0' or a long enough timeout,
> or when I give s6-rc change a -t option.

OK, today's commit fc91cc6cd1384a315a1f33bc83e6d6e9926fc791, which I
noticed after sending that last message, had already fixed that. I git
cloned again, rebuilt, and no longer have that problem :)

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