s6-rc-update initial findings

From: Colin Booth <cathexis_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 23:25:58 -0700

Just tested out s6-rc-update and it works! Mostly. This is with the
current git head at position 930c7fb

Things it did right:
Computed my bundle name change between compiled and compile-new.
Built a new /run/s6/rc:<timestamp>:<pid>:<hostname>:<noise> directory
and re-linked /run/s6/rc to it
Moved all the files for the various s6-supervise processes to use the
new directories (that's a clever trick by the way)
Purge old symlinks from /run/service (s6-svscan root)

Things it didn't do right:
Put the links back into /run/service

That last one was a bit surprising, and is totally fine until the next
time I (or something else) issues `s6-svscanctl -an /run/service'. I'm
going to go manually fix that since an 80% empty supervision root is a
bit uncomfortable. My guess though is that's undesirable behavior
since unless I'm mistaken adding longruns require triggering a rescan
of service/.

Debug output for s6-rc-update dry-runs is somewhat unhelpful when
adding services. Not terribly surprising since `s6-rc -ua change' (dry
run or no) requires an up-to-date live/ to work against.

There's a documentation oversight that should get corrected at some
point. The docs should mention that this doesn't touch the original
compiled database and that it's on the user to update their call to
s6-rc-init before the next reboot.


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