Re: readiness notification from non-subprocess

From: Olivier Brunel <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 00:15:21 +0200

On 09/28/15 23:26, Buck Evan wrote:
> When my state machine sees that ./check has succeeded, what will it do?
> I can't use the current notification-fd interface because I'm in an
> unexpected bit of the process tree; this is external program sitting *on
> top* of s6-supervise. It's the parent process.
> I can see that my named-pipe suggestion is flawed. I'm quite willing to
> drop that.
> Can we add a svc -<letter here> option that tickles the same bit of code?
> Or, can we make it simpler for me to do what s6-supervise does when it gets
> the notification-fd signal?
> It seems to do two things, send a U signal to ./envents/; I can do that.
> It also updates the state in ./supervise/status; that I can't do, without
> writing buggy code.

Just to mention, anopa has a little tool that does just that, I believe:
aa-setready -- See doc[1] and/or source[2]


In case that might be of any help,
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