Re: target mismatch building on different versions of darwin

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2016 22:22:05 +0100

On 27/02/2016 17:01, Patrick Mahoney wrote:
> Another might be to patch the ./configure script to strip off any darwin version
> number from the output of `-dumpmachine`. It's quite easy to do this within the
> nix packages of skalibs, etc. without any need to modify skalibs upstream.
> Wondering if you have any opinion or thoughts here. It seems wrong that darwin
> includes its version number in the target triplet [1].

  Unless there are ABI incompatibilities from one version of Darwin to the next,
it makes absolutely *no sense* to include the version number in the triplet:
if the kernel (or layer on top of the microkernel) is updated, applications
shouldn't cease to work! So, ideally, that's what should be fixed.
I'm not sure how gcc/clang -dumpmachine gets its information (on my Linux,
strace doesn't show anything conclusive) but if it's provided by the OS,
then I consider this a bug of Darwin that you can report (after checking that
darwin13 and darwin14 are indeed properly compatible).

  Until this is fixed, hacking the output of -dumpmachine sounds like the most
reasonable solution.

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