rc-init misunderstanding dependencies files

From: Eric Vidal <eric_at_obarun.org>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 09:39:27 +0400


Can you explain me what means the 00 in some dependencies files on your examples providen by s6 packages, please?

If i understand correctly the first line/name is read AND executed before read AND execute the second line.
I mean if i have a file dependencies like this :

when rc-init read the file dependencies, it launch the service mount-proc first, wait for the exit code then launch the second service mount-sys, right?

With this principle i can decide what service need to start first an another or after an another, right?
Eric Vidal
Eric Vidal <eric_at_obarun.org>
Received on Sun May 01 2016 - 05:39:27 UTC

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