Re: s6-log error

From: Eric Vidal <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2016 08:59:31 +0400

> You're actually attempting to do something that does not work (spawn
> several processes running from the same stream) because you want to
> filter logs and write them in the appropriate logdirs depending on what
> they match.
> But you don't need several s6-log processes for that. A single s6-log
> process can do it. Read the s6-log documentation again - what you want is
> a single s6-log process that manages several logdirs, with various filters
> before each logdir. It will make your logging script complex, but it will
> be correct. :)

Ok, understood.

One more question please.

I have a bundle with three services on it. These three services run constantly together. So, i want to make an unique logger for these three services rather than creating a logger for each one. But, i'm a little confused about how to do this with the better design.

I need to create a anonymous pipe with piperw then i redirects the output of these three services on it then i apply a s6-log on it?!
Maybe using a another software suite can be better?
Creating a fifo file than having a s6-log watching on it?

Wich is the best way to do what i want?

Note : More i works why your software and more i like it :), you have maded a beautiful system and i don't understand all the possibilities lol.
Eric Vidal <>
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