Building in Yocto with sysroot (and migrating from skalibs 2.3.8 to 2.3.10)

From: John O'Meara <>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:13:15 +0000

Hi list,

After I had played with building small VMs using s6 and friends by hand, I
wanted to get something more automated and found Yocto (for better or
worse, before I found out about buildroot), and started a layer for it back
when 2.3.8 was the latest libs. It worked well, but life happened and I
stopped working on it for a while.

Over the last week, I started up again and got my layer to a nice stable
place and decided to upgrade to the latest skarnet offerings. I started
with skalibs and was sad to see an immediate failure during configure:
trylsock.c couldn't find sys/types.h! I went back a version and 2.3.9 has
the same problem. Trying 2.3.8 again worked.

So, I dove in a bit and, as near as I can tell, Yocto is setting workable
environment variables for CC, CPP, CXX, etc. that all include a "--sysroot"
parameter. If I add the sysroot parameter to the command that configure
runs for trylsock.c, it builds successfully. As best I can understand it,
2.3.8 used the environment CC and 2.3.9 doesn't, I think because CC_AUTO no
longer defaults to CC. Setting it back results in a successful build of the

Unfortunately, the only environment variables that have the sysroot
parameter are the ones that define the tools, and not the ones that define
flags for the tools (that is, --sysroot is in ${CC} but not ${CFLAGS}).

Can anyone recommend how to work with this? For now, I'm setting my
build-script to undo the change to CC_AUTO from
4d4ea18bff322b4e4933e57de93cccbf81852557 to get by, but it feels dirty.


-- John O'Meara

(P.S. if anyone is interested in checking it out, see I'd love feedback. Please forgive the
lack of s6-rc; I intend to add it once I get the libs up to date, and then
it should be pretty easy to build images that run either s6-rc or anopa)
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