[announce] Fall 2016 release

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 15:46:25 +0000

  New release of skarnet.org packages are available, with significant
  This is a major version bump for all packages: compatibility with
versions is not guaranteed.

  * General

- SKALIBS_DEFAULTPATH reverted to /usr/bin:/bin - this should normally
not impact you (it's only used when there's no PATH environment
- Binaries now all install to .../bin. No binary installs in .../sbin
anymore. This makes it a lot easier to support various installation
- New configure option: --enable-absolute-paths. This allows an
installation to always call binaries with their full installation path
(in bindir) rather than rely on PATH resolution. This is useful for Nix,
for instance.

  * skalibs-

- New sysdeps, including support for when posix_spawn() and
require -lrt.
- The next leap second (2016-12-31 23:59:60 UTC) is taken into account.
- Complete librandom rewrite, with support for arc4random and getrandom.
EGD is not supported anymore. /dev/random isn't used anymore, so the
--enable-force-devr configure option becomes unnecessary.
- New header: skalibs/alarm.h, with functions implementing sub-second
- Support for advanced fd callbacks in unixmessage_sender. This makes it
possible to refcount fds sent this way.
- Lots of small additions: touch(), ipc_timed_send/recv(),
- Lots of minor bugfixes.


  * execline-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- New option "-I" to backtick and withstdinas.
- New option "-t" to wait: it can now wait for children with a timeout.
- Minor bugfixes.


  * s6-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- s6-ipcserver-socketbinder can now create datagram sockets.
- s6-ftrigrd now uses its own PRNG instead of relying on the kernel's.
ensures it never stalls at boot time even with the new secure librandom
- Minor bugfixes.


  * s6-rc-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- Support for pipelines in finish scripts.
- Minor bugfixes.


  * s6-dns-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- Port to the new librandom.


  * s6-networking-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- s6-tcpserver4-socketbinder and s6-tcpserver6-socketbinder can now
UDP sockets. (Yes, it makes them a misnomer. Mind your own business.)


  * s6-portable-utils-

- Compatibility to skalibs-


  * s6-linux-utils-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- New command: s6-fillurandompool. Where supported (Linux 3.17 and
it blocks until the /dev/urandom entropy pool is filled up.
- s6-halt, s6-poweroff and s6-reboot removed. See below.


  * s6-linux-init-

- Compatibility to skalibs-
- s6-halt, s6-poweroff and s6-reboot moved here from s6-linux-utils.
- The uid and gids of the catch-all logger can now be given numerically.
This makes cross-running easier.


  Bug-reports welcome.

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