Re: s6-tcpserver

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 08:43:03 +0000

>i've try the command line : s6-tcpserver -v -4 2121

  stupid-ftpd has no inetd mode. It binds and listens to its socket
in other words, it's not suitable to run under s6-tcpserver.

  s6-tcpserver only works with servers that do not listen to the network
themselves. For FTP, you have a choice - wuftpd, vsftpd, busybox ftpd,
name a few, all have an inetd mode and can work under s6-tcpserver.
But stupid-ftpd is not one of them.

>Sorry for my english i'am french.

  C'est pas une excuse. ;)

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