Re: [announce] Spring 2017 release: s6 init fails with buildroot on MIPS

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 21:22:54 +0000

>Adding support for predefined sysdeps in Buildroot should be easy. The
>problem is generating these predefined sysdeps for all the combinations
>of architectures and libc supported by Buildroot.
>Could all the cases be covered by using sysdeps generated with QEMU for
>arm, aarch64, mips{32r2,64}{el,}, ppc{64,}{el,}, i386 in glibc,
>uclibc-ng and musl flavors?

  From skalibs' point of view, as long as ./configure is given the
--host and --with-sysdeps options for the target, it's happy - and yes,
qemu would definitely work for generating the sysdeps.
  I've been thinking for a long time that a database of sysdeps would be
a good thing to have. If you can generate the sysdeps for all the
Buildroot targets, I'm willing to host them on for easy
global access - even though I suppose Buildroot would need to bundle
an offline copy.

>Running QEMU'd autodetection tests is a no-go, because it would require
>building QEMU for Buildroot (which takes time). This kind of option has
>already been rejected by upstream when discussing regeneration of
> using a cross-compiled ldconfig.

  Well, cross-building is complex, so it's expected that bootstrapping a
whole cross-development environment would be heavy. But I understand
Buildroot people don't want to make execution slower than it absolutely
needs to be - and if we can have a sysdeps database, qemu at build time
is definitely not needed for skalibs.

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