[announce] skarnet.org August 2017 release

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 23:25:58 +0000


  New releases of most skarnet.org packages are available; these are
mostly bugfix releases, but there are a few new features. skalibs
had to change an interface to fix a bug, which explains the major
version bump.

  * skalibs-

  - Bugfixes, including a long-standing race condition in

  - fd_close() now returns void, as any destructor should.

  - New functions around setgroups(), because, who would have thought,
BSD is very, very broken when it comes to supplementary groups.

  - xpathexec_* error exit codes changed to 127 (ENOENT) / 126 (other).

  - New Linux-specific sysdeps.


  * execline-

  - Adaptation to skalibs- All chain-loading programs now
follow the new xpathexec_* convention. This is strictly speaking an
API change, but since the programs previously exited 111 on a failure
to exit and it was not a unique exit code, this change should not
break anything.


  * s6-

  - Bugfixes.

  - Adaptation to skalibs-, with the new xpathexec_* exit codes
for chain-loading programs.

  - New s6_svc_lock_take() and s6_svc_lock_release() functions to
fix a race condition in s6-rc.

  - New program: s6-notifyoncheck. This was a long-standing feature
request, implementing a polling check for readiness and redirecting
the result into s6's readiness notification mechanism.


  * s6-rc-

  - Bugfixes.

   - s6-rc's verbosity has been adjusted. (-v2 is less verbose, -v3 is
what the previous -v2 was, -v4 is still extremely verbose.)


  * s6-portable-utils-

  - Bugfixes.

  - Adaptation to the xpathexec_* exit codes for chainloading programs.


  * s6-linux-utils-

  - Adaptation to skalibs-, with the new xpathexec_* exit codes
for chain-loading programs.


  * s6-linux-init-

  - New s6-linux-init-maker option: -n. This option allows the created
init scripts to work in pid namespaces (used in containers).


  * s6-dns-

  - Adaptation to skalibs-


  * s6-networking-

  - Bugfixes. (No security issue involved.)

  - Adaptation to skalibs-


  Bug-reports welcome.

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