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From: SZÉPE Viktor <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 12:07:24 +0100

Idézem/Quoting Laurent Bercot <>:

>> Are there tests for s6?
>> Are there plans to reach decent code coverage?
> Hi Viktor,
> Sorry for the delayed answer.
> There are no automated tests at the moment. It is hard to design
> both a test infrastructure and tests themselves for such a low-level
> project. At the moment I'm testing everything by hand, which takes
> time.
> If you want to contribute tests (that don't make the package
> dependencies significantly heavier), they will be welcome.

Hi Laurent!

I was thinking about unit test to test your functions,
and building your code and installing it into a Docker container.
Projects with PID 1 in Docker exist:

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