Re: [announce] mdevd- - a mdev-compatible uevent manager

From: Olivier Brunel <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 17:27:01 +0100

On Mon, 15 Jan 2018 11:39:19 +0000
"Laurent Bercot" <> wrote:

> The change is obviously incompatible with mdevd- It appears
> to work for me, but please test it - especially Olivier who was
> missing events with the old coldplug. If no problems are found, I'll
> cut the release.

The good news is, it appears to work fine here as well, even with my
fancy hardware :p

As a side note however, note that when I updated I also reverted to the
default buffer size (which I noticed you upped), but then not only did
my audio card not show up (amongst other things, this one is noticable
because of a service waiting for it...) but some hard disks seemed not
to have been processed either.
A quick look in the log showed my old friend was back:

mdevd: fatal: unable to receive netlink message: No buffer space

And to answer your question, about what could cause such a burst of
events, this time I have an easy answer: mdevd-coldplug !

My first try when I noticed the error was simply to re-run
mdevd-coldplug, and I got the buffer error again (and still no
Easy fix, I upped the buffer back to 1MB and everything went fine this
time. Rebooted since, with the buffer set to 1MB, and everything works
fine right away. So yay (but my fancy hardware requires a
"larger-than-normal" buffer for mdevd it seems).

Anyhow, it all works fine now, with mdevd & mdevd-coldplug.

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